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Footprints and Roots

Huellas y Raíces is a project born from the passion for nature and the need to show the great value of Cuenca, our main purpose is to show its natural and rural heritage with the utmost respect for its people and its environment. All of this is provided by nature guides trained, specialized and experienced in environmental education, environmental interpretation and ecotourism.

We carry out interpretive hiking routes and thematic experiences along the trails and landscapes of the protected natural areas of the province, accompanying visitors to discover the great natural wealth of our environment, acting as interpreters of the curious language that nature uses, thus conveying the importance and value of its ecosystems and its

biodiversity, recalling the traditional knowledge that has been cultivated in rural communities over the centuries and which is the result of human interaction with the environment.

We also travel the cultural trails of the rural environment of Cuenca, highlighting its ethnography and tradition. We visited the workplaces of artisans and producers, learning from them the work and dedication behind their crafts. Trades that sometimes are real relicts at risk of disappearing, but still work hand in hand with sustainability and respect for the natural environment.

Travel the roads of Cuenca with Huellas y Raíces and discover all that this province hides.

Commitments to biodiversity conservation and local development

Taking as a starting point the basic principle of environmental education “You protect what you love and love what you know”, Huellas y Raíces pursues the protection of nature and the conservation of its biodiversity, awakening a feeling of affection and belonging to the natural environment in visitors, through the transmission of knowledge and appreciation of the natural wealth of Cuenca. In our activities we aim to generate awareness of the environment that is visited while enjoying a day of leisure in nature, thus combining the learning of knowledge and values with the enjoyment of our customers.

Being an initiative based on ecotourism and developing its activities in protected natural areas of high ecological and landscape value, we try to generate the least possible impact on the environments we travel through, respecting their biodiversity and complying with the regulations of the areas. That is why we work with small groups of no more than 15 people and following a series of principles of respect towards nature, in this way we also get a closer service with the client. We pursue the idea of just leaving our footprints as we walk.

On the other hand, we seek to remember and travel to our roots with each activity, highlighting the cultural heritage of the rural communities that inhabit the areas we visit and that to some extent are part of the natural landscape. This is why we count on the services that these municipalities offer and that complement our activities, thus generating a much more enriching and respectful experience, promoting the consumption of local products and services and collaborating in the development of these rural communities.


  • Materials

Binoculars and telescopes, nature guides and didactic support material for nature interpretation and environmental education are available.

  • Scope of action

All protected natural areas of the province of Cuenca

  • Price

– Interpretive tours for 35€/person.

– Thematic experiences for 35€/person.

– Discounts for organized groups.

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