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Ecotourism in the Natura 2000 Network Castilla-La Mancha

A cooperation project in which 9 counties of the region participate to offer authentic ecotourism experiences in Castilla-La Mancha that allow the discovery of a selection of Red Natura 2000 sites with companies trained and committed to their conservation.

Ecotourism product in Castilla-La Mancha, is the trip to enjoy the best of its nature with tourism companies committed to its conservation.

Promoting Natura 2000 Network Sites in Castilla-La Mancha

Offering ecotourism experiences

Improving the profitability of tourism businesses

What is Natura 2000 Network?

  • European ecological network of protected areas for biodiversity conservation.
  • Its objective: Conservation of Europe’s most endangered species and habitats.
  • Types of areas: ZEPA (Special Protection Area for Birds) and SCI (Sites of Community Importance), once their management measures have been approved, become SACs (Special Areas of Conservation).
Natura 2000 Network Sites

What are the destinations and which Natura 2000 sites do they contain?

The protected areas of the Natura 2000 Network are the best-preserved areas in Europe. The 9 destinations of the project protect the most representative of the landscape diversity of Castilla-La Mancha: high and medium mountains, canyons, Mediterranean forests, pastures, steppes, wetlands, cereal crops and rivers.

Discover them and help us to preserve them while boosting the economy in these territories!

Sierra de Alcaraz and Campo de Montiel

Alcudia Valley and Sierra Madrona

Upper Guadiana Mancha

Oropesa Bell


Molina de Aragón – Upper Tagus

Toledo Mountains

Serranía de Cuenca

Sierra del Segura

What is ecotourism?

A way of traveling to approach and get to know the natural spaces in a responsible way, respecting their balance, minimizing our environmental impacts and enjoying them through the experiences offered by companies committed to their effective conservation.

When we do ecotourism we not only know, live and appreciate the places we visit, but we also protect their values (natural, cultural, ethnographic, gastronomic, etc.), favoring the socioeconomic development of the local population.


Contact with us

For any questions about the project Ecotourism in Red Natura 2000 Castilla-La Mancha, please contact us. We will get back to you as soon as possible!


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