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Riopar Adventure World

Mundo aventura Riópar is a company of qualified guides in the field of speleology, among other mountain sports activities. We make this sport-science accessible to all participants interested in it; prioritizing safety and valuing the subway habitat, which is so delicate and different for human beings.

We make what we call a conscious tourism, interpreting the environment we visit, either inside the cave of Chorros (endokarst); as in the hollow of the Mundo river jets and its creek (Exokarst).

We offer all kinds of caving activities, from the most simple and playful, to the most sporty and daring activities. As well as different itineraries on foot in guided hiking routes through the most outstanding places.

Commitments to biodiversity conservation and local development

  • We collaborate with exploration groups for the maintenance of sensitive areas of the endokarst, beaconing and maintenance of areas and facilities.
  • We comply with the regulations of the natural park, with very small groups and with time slots according to regulations.
  • We live in the rural area where we provide our services, helping in the development of the community, as well as in the coordination for the responsible use and visitation of different natural spaces and local resources.


  • Materials

We provide all the necessary materials for the protection and progression inside a cave, taking care of their quality and good condition.

For guided tours, we bring support materials for interpretation, such as exhibition sheets or tablet devices.

  • Scope of action

Karts at the source of the Mundo River and the Cueva de los Chorros (Los Chorros Cave)

  • Languages

Spanish and English

  • Price

Guided tours from 15€ (Children under 12 years old free)

Speleology from 50€.

  • Quality and/or sustainability labels

The house has adhered to the System for the Recognition of Sustainable Tourism in areas of the Natura 2000 Network.

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Riopar Adventure World

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