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La Dehesa Environmental Education Centre

We are an Environmental Education Center, we are located in Riópar, 12 km from the Source of the Mundo River. We offer guided tours to learn about the Iberian fauna, we are also dedicated to schools, offering a range of activities related to environmental education (workshops, hiking…).

Our main attraction is that we do guided tours, because we think it is much more interesting to be told about the characteristics and curiosities of our fauna and not just see the animal and that’s it.

We have been in business for almost 30 years and we believe that what is known is best protected.

Commitments to biodiversity conservation and local development

As it is an environmental education centre, much emphasis is placed on the great biodiversity that exists in the Natura 2000 area; Participants are also informed on how to preserve the existing values of the area by promoting responsible tourism;

Special emphasis is placed on the impact on the conservation of biodiversity and natural values of the problems of overcrowding that occur in certain places and at certain times;

From our company, we also support and teach the different traditional activities that have been carried out and that have had to do with the current conformation of the territory and the landscape;


  • Scope of action

We mainly carry out our activities in the Los Calares del Mundo and La Sima Natural Park.

  • Accessibility

We currently do not have any activities for people with reduced mobility.

  • Price

Nature Itinerary 12€/adult and 6€/child.
Package accommodation, full board and activities from 50€/person and day.

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