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Arauca / Birds and Wildlife Center La Media Legua

If you join us, you will get to know some of the best preserved natural areas of the Iberian Peninsula, their living beings (fauna, flora), their physical environment (landscape, geology, hydrology…), and their different interactions, and how they have reached our days from their ancient to their current inhabitants, whose way of life has endured over time or at least still remain in the memory of the local people.

With the help of our guides and the support of the best technical equipment, you will be able to enjoy in a sustainable and respectful way with the environment, unique and emblematic species of fauna and flora, only present in some of the best preserved natural areas.

Our main activities are: interpretative walks/routes and birdwatching.

Commitments to biodiversity conservation and local development

All our activities are subject to a permanent evaluation to minimize their impact on the natural environment and the environment in general. In addition to the environmental awareness and sensitization carried out during activities with customers, we develop other specific activities to improve the environment and, in particular, its biodiversity. These activities are carried out as part of other more global or specific activities, and occasionally in collaboration with NGOs, within the framework of environmental volunteering. As examples, nest boxes for birds (kestrels, owls, caracaras, insectivorous birds, etc.) and bats are installed, placed and maintained; feeders and water troughs for insectivorous birds and others are made and installed; ponds suitable for amphibian reproduction are created and conditioned; areas are reforested with native species; invasive species are eliminated; the cleaning of natural environments is promoted; etc. At the same time, during our presence in the natural environment, valuable information is obtained (presence of species, environmental impacts…) which is made available to the competent administration so that it can adopt compensatory/corrective or conservation measures in favor of biodiversity conservation.

During the activities, local quality products (gastronomic, handicrafts, etc.) are promoted and valued, especially those produced organically.


  • Materials

We have optical equipment (binoculars, terrestrial telescopes…), field guides, transportation vehicles…).

  • Scope of action

We work in all the natural areas of the province of Albacete, especially in the Sierra de Alcaraz and Segura, El Bonillo steppe zone, East Albacete steppe zone, La Mancha steppes, Pétrola-Corral Rubio-La Higuera lagoon complex, Júcar canyon, etc.

  • Languages

Spanish and English

  • Price

From 20€.

  • Quality and/or sustainability labels

Recognition by the JCCM of the sustainability of nature tourism red natura 2000 for the ZEC-ZEPA Sierra de Alcaraz and ZEPA Esteparia de El Bonillo.

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Arauca / Birds and Wildlife Center La Media Legua

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