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The 7 Cabrillas

Las 7 Cabrillas is an ecotourism company located in Alcoba, in the heart of the Cabañeros National Park.

Our main activity is astro-tourism activities, we love the stars and it is our resource to bring you closer to the environment.

Behind the 7 Cabrillas hides a environmentalist, Starlight monitor and authorized guide She is in love with the sky and the environment and will try to transmit in an easy and fun way the environmental values and the night sky of Cabañeros and Montes de Toledo, always respecting our natural environment.


We carry out activities of interpretation of the sky, astronomical observations with professional telescopes and nocturnal activities, solar and nocturnal combined sunset hikes where we hike trails and learn about astronomy, night hikingWe also offer astronomy and environmental education workshops and design seasonal activities such as our famous nighttime activity of Berrea and Starsour sightings of Cranes and Stars or our program “A journey into the past.” where we walk through the trails of the Cabañeros National Park, such as the famous route of the Boquerón del Estena but from an astronomical and perhaps somewhat peculiar point of view.


This way, no matter what time of the year you visit us, we can offer you a different ecotourism activity.


We organize outings to enjoy astronomical events, such as meteor showers, eclipses, planetary alignments, comet sightings, etc… So that whenever there is a special event we can enjoy it.


Built in the old silo of the village, we will travel through the universe from its beginnings to the most current milestones and enjoy a 360º fulldome projection on the Singular Astronomical Tourism Center and Alcoba Planetarium we manage to offer educational, entertaining visits where we spread astronomy in a close, easy and fun way.


Our activities are available all year round and are suitable for all audiences and / or ecotourists who want to visit us.

Commitments to biodiversity conservation and local development

The 7 Cabrillas develop environmental education and astronomy activities with the local population to promote the value of environmental resources. It collaborates with the Cabañeros National Park and with the municipalities of the territory by organizing environmental education activities.

It collaborates with local ecotourism associations, ecotourism companies and travel agencies to promote the local resources and products of the area. The materials used for the workshops are mostly recycled and the power supply of the optical equipment is rechargeable.

The activities do not generate atmospheric emissions or waste.


  • Materials

Astronomical telescope, binoculars, solar telescope.

  • Scope of action

Cabañeros N.P., Montes de Toledo. Province Ciudad Real

  • Languages

Spanish and intermediate English.

  • Accessibility

Outdoor activities are accessible.
The Astronomical Tourism Center and Planetarium is accessible.

  • Price

Outdoor activities from 16 € adults / 12 children ( from 5 to 10 years old)

Visits to the Astronomical Tourism Center and Planetarium from 8 €.

Discounts applicable for groups over 25 people, educational centers, associations and other groups.

  • Quality and/or sustainability labels

  • European Charter for Sustainable Tourism in Natural Protected Areas in Cabañeros (CETS)
  • Award for the best tourism product of Castilla La Mancha (2019).

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