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In Alto Tajo

Our activities are immersive in the territory. We live in the rural world and we know it and we will tell you how the uses have adapted to the territory, and how the landscape has evolved in response to these uses. Gea, flora and fauna in a magnificent state of conservation.

Commitments to biodiversity conservation and local development

On a personal level, I am a member of international NGOs (Greenpeace).
I have collaborated with several campaigns in the territory (presence of bearded vultures in the territory).
We actively participate in local associations.
We warn of the presence of unusual, invasive or species of particular interest.


  • Materials

Our activities are guided by people who live and know the territory. We provide binoculars for observation activities, and we can lend walking sticks to those who request them.

  • Scope of action

In addition to the Alto Tajo Natural Park, we move and do activities and trips to the Natural Parks of Sierra Norte de Guadalajara, Río Dulce and Serranía de Cuenca.

  • Price

Interpreted hiking trails from 18,00 euros/seat.

  • Quality and/or sustainability labels

Collaborating Company of the Geopark Collaborating Company of the Geopark
Sustainability Recognition System for the Natura 2000 Network

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