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Feeling the Upper Tagus

When Sentir El ALTO TAJO was born, it was born thinking that we could build a positive Ecotourism, respectful with the environment, that counts with the landscape and the heritage of the territory, that leaves the destinations better than it found them.

Among our activities you can choose between interpretive hiking and trekking in the Upper Tagus, with customized routes according to the characteristics of the group, with qualified interpreter guides who live in the Park. Also cultural, historical and ethnographic visits and workshops where you will discover the traditional activities, the different ways of life of the territory through anecdotes and stories in our magical interpreted visits and you will put yourself in the shoes of cheesemakers, Celtiberians, brewers, crocheters…

For those of you who want to de-stress and connect with nature by understanding the relationships that occur in it and being part of a whole with activities that connect with nature such as Forest Baths

Wildlife watching, birding, botany and mycology enjoying shows such as the “berrea”, learning in our mycological and botanical routes or photographing birds and other species of the park. Also guided for professional photographers with or without hide.

With our Starlight astronomical monitors you can enjoy our Astrotourism Activities enjoying the skies offered by the Starlight Reserve “Cielos de Guadalajara” and the Starlight Destination “Serranía de Cuenca“.

We can have fun while acquiring environmental awareness in our Environmental Education and Family Tourism Activities in a dynamic way, experimenting and working as a team to become Eco-Explorers causing the minimum impact to the environment.

All our activities are inclusive with accessible materials for people with disabilities, and we also offer adapted stays of several days.

All our activities follow the premise of REGENERATIVE ECOTOURISM: Ecotourism of co-creation between the people of the territory you visit, and that defends a sustainable way of traveling and getting to know other places.
Its main objective is for visitors to have a positive impact on their vacation spots, leaving it better than they found it. A concept that goes beyond “do no harm” and seeks the regeneration and active revitalization of the environment, producing positive results for communities and local economies: sustainable regeneration.

Commitments to biodiversity conservation and local development

  • We think that if you know the territories and understand what happens in them it is easier to love and preserve them, so all our activities add environmental education, we collaborate with various local development initiatives and environmental conservation groups in our environment.
  • Our premise is to cause the minimum impact to the environment, therefore we work with small groups, in personalized activities, with a maximum of 10 people, avoiding the most vulnerable places and respecting the breeding and nesting seasons of the different species.
  • We have created a network of co-creation with producers in aromatic plantations, cheese factories, artisan truffle makers and other entrepreneurs in the region based on local products and circular economy.
  • We carry out conservation and awareness actions both in tourism sustainability and regenerative tourism as well as in accessibility and inclusion issues through our accessibility consultancy.


  • Materials

Binoculars and telescopes for nature and astronomy. Microscopes. Didactic materials of our own creation, field notebooks, guides and keys to fauna, flora and mycology. Exhibit material, plates.
All material is also available in accessible format.
Starting this summer, we will have a fully accessible multifunctional room.

  • Scope of action

  • Upper Tagus NP
  • Molina de Aragón-Alto Tajo Geopark
  • Sierra de Caldereros Natural Monument
  • Serranía de Cuenca National Park.
  • Natural areas of Castilla la Mancha.
  • For people with disabilities products in different natural areas of the Iberian Peninsula.
  • Languages

Catalan, English and French.

  • Accessibility

All our activities are inclusive and accessible with materials adapted for different disabilities.

  • Price

Activities from 30 euros/person

  • Quality and/or sustainability labels

European Charter for Sustainable Tourism in Protected Natural Areas (CETS), Collaborator of the Geopark,

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Feeling the Upper Tagus

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