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Discover a Roman villa and the skies of the Alcudia Valley

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Discover a Roman villa and the skies of the Alcudia Valley


DAY 1 Welcome and accommodation.

We welcome you at the Hotel Sisapo, accommodation located in Almodóvar del Campo, where you can relax and enjoy its wonderful facilities.

DAY 2: Volcanoes, Romans and stars:

Free morning in the Very Noble, Very Kind, Very Loyal and Very Ancient Town of Almodóvar del Campo which has many surprising places to visit. We suggest some of them: Palmero Museum, Church of the Assumption, Birthplace of St. John of Avila, Chapel of the Trinity.

In the afternoon, pick-up at the hotel with our vehicle and departure to the Sisapo site in the village of La Bienvenida. There we will visit and interpret the ruins of the Roman city from which the mining in the Alcudia Valley and Sierra Madrona was managed, as well as the cinnabar from the famous Almadén mines.

We will see the sunset from the city and we will have a small picnic and then go up to the volcanic castles, declared a Natural Monument, to carry out the astronomy activity in which the summer sky and the mythology told by the constellations will dominate.

Alcudia Valley and Sierra Madrona is certified as a Starlight Destination, a certification system supported by UNESCO, the World Tourism Organisation (UNWTO) and the International Astronomical Union (IAU)”


The intensity of last night will not invite us to get up early, but rather a relaxed morning and perhaps some shopping before leaving the hotel.

1. 3-day activity package (2 nights – Weekend)

DAY 1 FRIDAY: Arrival and reception.

  • Video presentation of the experience and the surroundings accompanied by a glass of homemade arbutus liqueur. Dinner and accommodation at Hotel de Sierra Madrona.
  • Baths of “Baños de Fuencaliente” (thermal bath 30′) NOTE: only in season 2022 from April to 10 December. Please enquire by reservation.

DAY 2 SATURDAY: From Fuencaliente to Solana del Pino.

  • Photographic safari “Berrea y más” by Alma Wild Nature, a photographic activity in which the deer during the rutting season will be the main protagonist but not the only one. These are 4×4 routes in small groups (3 pax) whose main objective is to observe and listen to the bellowing of the deer. NOTE: reservation is required between 19 September and 7 October during sunrise and sunset. Two different itineraries are available (according to choice).
  • Observation and learning about wild fauna and flora. Together with ÁGata Verde we will spend most of the experience getting to know emblematic species of the area such as the mountain goat, the deer, the mouflon, the wild boar, or birds as interesting as the griffon vulture or the black vulture, the golden eagle, among other endangered bird species, such as the black stork, etc… and we will go on foot to collect the seasonal fruits of autumn “the strawberry tree or “emborrachacabras”. If it is not the strawberry tree season, the observation and identification of the shrub and the Mediterranean flora that accompanies it, heather, mastic, cornicabra, holm oaks, gall oaks and oaks will be carried out. (4h)
  • Traditional meal in local restaurant “Anka Loren” with a typical local main course with a touch of arbutus “arbutus deer meat” and as a vegan option “aubergine with arbutus jam”
  • Visit to Embutidos Artesanos El Lucero, a family business for more than 50 years, specialised in sausages with game meat. There will be a workshop demonstration of the preparation and tasting of local sausages “hamburger of bush meat with strawberry tree” (1h)
  • Return to Fuencaliente and evening “Stargazing – Starlight Viewpoint” (2h), a guided tour to discover the secrets of the night sky of the Alcudia Valley and Sierra Madrona with ÁGata Verde as an accredited Starlight Foundation instructor. Journey through the stars and planets, observing galaxies millions of light years away, the marvellous rings of Saturn, the lunar surface, Jupiter and its moons, enjoying the Milky Way. Unique experiences to enjoy in nature, learning in a fun way

DAY 3 SUNDAY: Scenic route. Sierra Madrona and Solana del Pino.

  • Guided tour “Cave paintings in Peñón del Águila” (1h) The Alcudia Valley and Sierra Madrona Natural Park is home to a large number of shelters with cave paintings. It is thought that most of them may have been made between approximately 4,500 and 3,000 years ago. While the most famous and best preserved are certainly those of Peña Escrita, we will talk about other more modest and less known paintings: those of Collado del Águila, in Solana del Pino, a paradise of biodiversity and geodiversity. The paintings are located on a quartzite rock wall, facing north. And beyond the wall, absolutely fascinating views of the Alcudia valley. Simply intoxicating, to spend a minute absorbed, observing the grandeur of the landscape, while with luck, the vultures glide several tens of metres above our heads
  • A holm oak bath against stress, “The power of the forest” all the keys to this exercise of contemplation in which the five senses are involved and whose aim is none other than to find health and happiness through the trees. During the forest bath we will walk about one kilometre for two hours, making stops and doing exercises that reconcile us with Mother Nature. We will see, smell, taste, feel and listen to our surroundings (1h) We will walk with ÁGata Verde along the Robledillo river board for approximately 1km round trip. Art therapy workshop, healing in nature through the five senses. Appreciation of flora, tracks, remains and signs of fauna.
  • Workshop of elaboration of jams and preserves “La Alacena de la Abuela” (2h), we will carry out together with ÁGata Verde a workshop of traditional preserves, we will elaborate different recipes and delicious jams, compote or ratatouille. In arbutus season, “Chutny de madroño”.
  • Traditional lunch in local restaurant Anka Loren to taste “Migas manchegas”, and as a vegan option “gachas de pito” with aromas and flavours of the sierra.
  • Farewell and group photo.

Ecotourism commitment

  • Company in the process of adhesion to the System of Recognition of Tourism Sustainability in the Natura 2000 Network.
  • Madronactiva carries out CO2 offsets for all its activities.


  • Price per person


  • Services included

  • Accommodation in a double room on bed and breakfast basis at the Hotel Sisapo in Almodóvar del Campo.
  • Introductory activity to astronomy from a volcanic castle in the village of La Bienvenida and a visit to the archaeological site of Sisapo with the ecotourism company Madronactiva.
  • Saturday picnic during the activity.
  • Additional services

Transport from the hotel to the place of the activity in a Madronactiva van (included)

  • Minimum and maximum group size

  • Group min. 4 pax
  • Group max. 8 pax
  • Recommended time of year

From June to September both included

  • Accessibility

Activity adapted to family audiences



Hotel Rural Sisapo

Alcudia Valley and Sierra Madrona


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