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Casas del Salto

Tourism center in the middle of nature, in the Alto Tajo Natural Park.
Located at 200m. of the Salto de Poveda, from which it takes its name CASAS DEL SALTO, this waterfall of the Tajo river, about 30m long. is one of the centers of interest in the Natural Park. The GR 113, Camino Natural del Tajo, passes by the houses and joins us to the Taravilla Lagoon, located 1 km away. by a hanging footbridge on the Tagus river of great beauty, and bathing area with river beach.
Georuta 7 of the Natural Park, is part of a circular route of 5.5 km. that passes through the houses
The cottages are former facilities of a hydroelectric power plant that never came to work, rehabilitated for tourism, and managed by our company Sieteleguas S.L. since 1993.
We have 3 houses for 4 people
2 houses for 2 people
1 house for 8 people
Restaurant-Bar with homemade cuisine of the land, enhanced with local elements such as truffles, mushrooms, aromatic herbs.
Open to all audiences

Commitments to biodiversity conservation and local development

Our company has always been committed to nature, trying to generate the minimum environmental impact in our establishment, since we are in the middle of the Alto Tajo National Park.
When our clients arrive, they are given information about the area and are informed of our policy of non-aggression and care for the environment, with a minimum impact, in an information folder.
Our cleaning and grooming products provided to the customer are environmentally friendly.
In our restaurant we try to use local products.
We are not hunters or fishermen, we are mushroom pickers.
We were creators and we financed and organized the Alto Tajo Hook Festival, currently of regional interest, giving collaboration to all the villages and hoteliers in the area.
Members of ATRAMA (Molina-Alto Tajo Rural Tourism Association) for 25 years, being president and vice-president for 8 years.
Members of ECOMOLA, an association of the region for the purchase of organic and local products.
Accredited with CETS since 2010.
At the national level we are partners of Grenpeace, Seo Birdlife, and others.


  • Housing characteristics

Rural House. Cottages for 2 and 4 people, all of them with living room, kitchen, fireplace and terrace, with great views of the gorge of the Tagus.

  • Environment

Within the Upper Tagus Natural Park

  • Languages

Spanish and some French

  • Number of rooms / capacity

22 seats

  • Accessibility

All the houses are on the first floor, so although they are not expressly equipped, they are easily accessible.

  • Price

House for 2 people from 70 to 90€ per night
House for 4 people from 120 to 150€ per night
House for 8 people from 180 to 200€ per night
All prices include VAT. Minimum rental of 2 nights

  • Quality and/or sustainability labels

CETS. European Charter for Sustainable Tourism
Natura 2000 Network


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